Zoo Still Making Mistakes That Led To Death Of Harambe

When will the greedy human ever learn ! ?

Cecils Pride

Cincinnati Zoo continues to make the same negligent mistakes which caused the death of Harambe The Gorilla showing how little they care for the lives and wellbeing of animals  forcefully imprisoned within the zoo’s walls! Cincinnati Zoo’s continued negligence of its animals is underscored in which yet another young boy attempts to scale the gorilla enclosure almost succeeding in entering the gorilla pen. Luckily, both the child’s mother and grandfather stepped in to prevent the young child from entering the gorilla pen and rebuke the boy for his uncontrollable impulse.

Mind you now, this gorilla enclosure which the boy tried to scale before being stopped by his watchful relatives is a new reinforced barrier built specially to prevent children from entering the gorilla pen after a child’s penetration of the gorilla pen resulted in the death of the gorilla Harambe. However, as the below picture shows, the gorilla enclosure is far from being a “new…

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